handmade accessories

NOMIS Gifts/Belgium offers a range of handmade fashion accessories, jewellery and decorative objects crafted by up-and-coming artists, self-taught craftsmen or recognised designers from Belgium, France, Italy and even Australia. This product range is updated regularly according to the creative pieces offered to us but also depends on trends and seasonality.

All the creations are unique pieces, entirely hand made and fall within the "Waiting for the sun" range by NOMIS/Belgium.

Some items are available on the e-shop on this website but the majority are sold on request to NOMIS Gifts/Belgium, by sending an email to info@nomis-gifts-cosmetics.eu. You will also find items for sale at exhibitions, events and in specialist stores in which this artisanal range is available.

Specific creations (for weddings, anniversaries, births, christenings, etc.) can also be obtain on request by email to the following address: info@nomis-gifts-cosmetics.eu.

Here are some of the "handmade" pieces offered in the NOMIS Gifts/Belgium online store. To see other creations, feel free to contact us by email or sign up to our monthly newsletter (insert link).

Don't forget, art is subjective. All handicrafts are made up of treasures, imperfections, details, creativity, know-how, tradition and imagination. Produced from some of the noblest materials, these creations are made with love and patience. Work such as this therefore deserves respect and care. Everyone has different tastes, and everyone will find something they like, their favourite, the handicraft they love.

Happy searching! Enjoy it while "waiting for the sun"...


NOMIS Gifts/Belgium cannot be held liable in full or in part for any misuse of these handmade accessories or any accidents with brooch pins. We would also point out that these accessories/decorative objects are not toys. They should not be put in contact with the mouth or eyes. Keep out of the reach of children/animals.

Handmade: Flower brooch (pink)

Flower brooch in silk with steel brooch pin. This product is available in different colours: pink, green&blue, brown&yellow, pink&green and black&white. Pearl or button centre. Various dimensions: 6 x 8 cm/5 x 6 cm.

Fleur-broche en soie avec épingle-broche en acier. Ce produit est disponible en differentes couleurs: rose, vert&bleu, brun&jaune, rose&vert et noir&blanc. Coeur en perle ou bouton. Dimensions variables : 6 x 8 cm/ 5x 6 cm.

‘Bloem’ broche in zijde met stalen pin. Dit product is beschikbaar in verschillende kleuren: roos, groen&blauw, bruin&geel, roos&groen en zwart&wit. Hart uit parel of knop. Variabele afmetingen: 6 x 8 cm/ 5x 6 cm.

Handmade: Pom-pom brooch (grey)

Pom-pom brooch in silk, brocade or tweed. This product is available in different colours: grey, black/grey/green, blue satin/grey, tweed light pink/light grey, tweed brown/light brown/dark orange and grey/black. Dimensions 5 x 5 cm. Brooch pin.

Broche-pompon en soie, tissu chamarré ou tweed. Ce produit est disponible en differentes couleurs: gris, noir/gris/vert, bleu satin/gris, tweed rose /gris perle, tweed beige/brun/rouille and gris/noir. Dimensions 5x 5 cm. Epingle-broche.

‘Pompoen’ broche in zijde, bestikte stof of tweed. Dit product is beschikbaar in verschillende kleuren: grijs, zwart/grijs/groen, blauw satijn/grijs, tweed licht roos & parel grijs, tweed beige/bruin/roestkleur and grijs/zwart. Afmetingen 5x 5 cm. Pin.